Charleston Yogis-Stay Hydrated!!

July 20, 2010 at 8:36 pm Leave a comment

It is the middle of summer and the yoga classes in Charleston are HOT! Be sure to come to class hydrated and stay hydrated after you leave!

Coconut water and Nuun natural hydrating tablets

I have been filling a big pitcher with water and trying to drink it through out the day while I am home. But when I am on the go I grab a large can of coconut water and my water bottle filled with nuun natural hydration tablets. They are all natural and come in several flavors. I like the tangerine ginger and goji berry green tea flavored tablets. I put the tablet in a large bottle so it the taste is mild.

The coconut water can be found with all the other drinks and I found the nuun natural hydration in the juice section. To read about all the benefits of drinking coconut water click on the link. And to read about nuun click here. You can buy both at Whole Foods or Earth Fare.

On Sunday at Earth Fare they nuun natural hydration tablets were buy one get one free…hurry to still get the sale! Also eat plenty of fruit-that is naturally hydrating.


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