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According to David Life and Sharon Gannon the co-founders of Jivamukti Yoga “Without meditation, no attainment in yoga is possible. There is no point in practicing asana, for example, without also practicing meditation. It must be a part of every class” (page 14 Jivamukit Yoga)

You can start making meditation a part of your daily routine by sitting quietly when you wake or before bed. Start with 5 minutes. Set a timer, so you aren’t distracted by wondering how long you have been sitting. Then choose a seat. You can sit on a pillow or cushion, you want your spine to be upright. Then be still. Don’t move. For the 5 minutes or however long you set the timer for commit to being completely still-no matter what comes up. Then focus your concentration on your breath. Try not to get distracted by your thoughts. This will be hard at first, but that is why you are doing it.

Another suggestion is to keep a meditation journal. Jot down tips to help you sit still, or revelations. If you have a problem come up or you are having a difficult time making an important decision meditate on it. And remember, the ancient Indian gurus were right-your questions can be answered in meditation.


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